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April 2018

Discovering Cell-Adhesion Peptides in Tissue Engineering: Beyond RGD

Huettner, N; Dargaville, T. R.; Forget, A*.Trends Biotechnol., 2018, 1–12

As an alternative to natural extracellular matrix (ECM) macromolecules, cell-adhesion peptides (CAPs) have had tremendous impact on the design of cell culture platforms, implants, and wound dressings. However, only a handful of CAPs have been utilized. The discrepancy in ECM composition strongly affects cell behavior, so it is paramount to reproduce such differences in synthetic systems. This Opinion article presents strategies inspired from high-throughput screening techniques implemented in drug discovery to exploit the potential of a growing CAP library. These strategies are expected to promote the use of a broader spectrum of CAPs, which in turn could lead to improved cell culture models, implants, and wound dressings.

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